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How to add the Safety Hub App to an Apple (IOS) Device



Step 1.


Open Safari (your browser) and go to www.safestaff.co.nz and click on Safety Hub Login. Alternatively,

Log into your safety hub by following this link: Safety Hub Login Page


  1. Enter your credentials
  2. Make sure you tick the remember me box
  3. Click on Login
  4. If your phone asks you to save the password select yes




Step 2.


Now that you are logged in:

The safety hub works as a progressive web app, this means once added to the home screen of your phone it is very similar to an app you download from the App store, however, it doesn’t use up valuable storage space on your device  ?


  1. Click on the arrow in the address bar to add the app to your device:




Please note: Depending on the age of your device you may just see a + icon, click on this and look for “add to”, or “add to home screen”, then choose that option.

Now select the add button. (you can rename this to whatever you like.




Step 3. That’s it!


You will now see the Kiwi Icon appear on the home screen or apps screen of your device. Please be patient it may take a couple of minutes for it to appear.